Freestyle DIY Box - Blooms in a Box ($30)

The Lazy Box

Are you someone who always like to do online shopping but is too lazy to decide on something to buy? Or perhaps you are too lazy to even browse through the catalogue and just wish that someone can inspect your brain to make a piece of clothing/shoes just to your liking? Or maybe, you are too lazy to shop online for flowers, because there are so many choices! I mean, I am guilty of that. We understand the frustrations of looking at pages after pages, and having to see all the different pictures to FINALLY decide what to buy after a good 1 hour. Freestyle Floral Box

Freestyle Floral Box

That is why we have came up with the Freestyle DIY Bud Box a.k.a The Lazy Box! It is for those who are too lazy to think of what to buy, or are simply not sure what to choose!

FREESTYLE DIY Bud Box - FREE Same Day Delivery at $30

It’s really easy! Firstly, simply choose the main color of the flowers you would like in your box. There are 5 options to choose from: Red, Pink, Purple/Yam, Yellow and I don’t know/Anything.Choosing your colors can help us to determine what kind of design and flowers you would like your box to have.

FREESTYLE DIY Bud Box - FREE Same Day Delivery at $30

Secondly, choose the age and the gender of the recipient. We want to craft something that is most suitable for the age group and gender of your selected choice! For example, if you chose a male in his 20s, we would probably use blue flowers or fillers to go with some neutral colored flowers.

FREESTYLE DIY Bud Box - FREE Same Day Delivery at $30

Lastly, fill in the occasion that the freestyle floral box is for! If it is for get well soon, more cheerful flowers like Sunflowers and Gerberas could be used. If it is for an anniversary, we will use more romantic flowers, like roses and hydrangeas. Or perhaps if it is for sympathy, then white flowers will be used to show condolences.

What’s more, the Freestyle DIY Bud Box is also super affordable! At only S$30, you will get a surprise box, a complimentary message card and FREE same day delivery! Order today!

Want to know more? You can contact us directly via WhatsApp to find out more about our Freestyle Box!

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