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Product Contains: Freestyle Bud Box, Hot Air Balloon

Peeking through a beautiful garden of fresh flowers sits a little surprise. Comes with a beautiful floral box that is bound to boast the beauty of your receiver. The plus point? A hot air balloon filled with confetti and love for the special one of yours? Sweet! Add on a short and sweet personalized text and it’s good to go! Specially created, the one and only gift for your loved one.


  • Choose the size of the box: Regular / DOUBLE THE LOVE (+$20)
  • Select the color for the main flowers below (Red, Pink, Pastel or White)- For Blue Themed Flower Box, click here!
  • Select the gender and age of recipient
  • Input an occasion


  • Choose standard greeting on balloon (I Love You, Happy Birthday, Congrats OR Happy Anniversary)
  • To customize your own greeting / name, choose “Add Customized Message Below +$8” in the “Choose standard greeting option” and add your greeting below.
  • Choose color for Confetti in Balloon

NOTE: For standard hot air balloon ($20), there will be No Name!

*Please note that customization or requests to replicate a certain picture is strictly NOT allowed.

  • You can select the preferred date and timeslot during checkout (10-5, 1-5, 5-10 on Mon-Sat & 10-5 on Sun/PH)
  • For same day delivery, do make your order before the start of the time slot if you want your order to be delivered within that timeslot.
  • You can write a message after this during checkout!
  • We will craft something suitable for your recipient's gender.

Choose standard greeting (For Hot Air Balloon)

Confetti in Balloon?


Add-ons total:


Earn up to 55 Coins.


All Bud Boxes are waterproof and sturdy, made from premium quality paperboard.


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