Bud Box for 6th June -Hydrangea Bloom in a Box

Happy Saturday! Today we are excited to share a little bit more about our first Bud Box for sale! Featuring Blue Hydrangea from Holland, this box was definitely one of our favorite.

Facts about Hydrangea

  • There are about 100 species of Hydrangea and in most species, the color is white. However, some species feature other colors (just take a look at this calming blue!).
  • Most species bloom in summer and autumn, though some bloom in spring as well.
  • Another name for it is Endless Summer, as they can bloom or produce a crop more than once a season.
  • Hydrangea was first discovered in Japan and they are referred to as the “Mountain Flower” since they are often seen in the mountainous area.
  • The name Hydrangea means water and jar in Greek, which roughly translates to “a water barrel”. It refers to the cup-shaped flowers that resemble a water barrel and its need for plenty of water.

The Hydrangea bouquet is a great gift for various occasion, such as wedding anniversary, congratulations, birthday or sympathy.

What about the other side flowers and fillers? In this Bud Box, we used white eustoma, silver leaves, statice sea lavender and purple caspia. The statice sea lavender has a strong and deep purple that contrasts perfectly with our gentle blue hydrangea, which makes it really pleasing to the eye.

Want to get this Bud Box? Get it here at only SGD $35 with Free Same Day Delivery!

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